Our CEO and our Pilots are all based on Horn Island.

All Pilots are required to meet CASA and company standards in regards to their proficiency to fly in one of the most challenging regions of Australia. Our preferred minimum experience level of pilots prior to them starting with Torres Strait Air is 1000 hours total time with 100 hours Multi-Engine Time. We conduct proficiency checks, line checks AND our pilots are checked into each Torres Strait air strip before they are permitted to fly our passengers “Solo”.

All Charters operated in our twin engine aircraft (The Islanders and the Aerocommander Shrike) are operated under the IFR – Instrument Flight Rules – so our pilots must also hold and maintain a current Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating.

Our Engineering bases are on Horn Island and in Brisbane – and locally based engineers are supplemented with engineers from Cairns and Brisbane for routine “Hundred Hourly’s”.

Our admin team are based in Cairns and actively support our Horn Island team handling enquiries and bookings, payment of suppliers and all record keeping.